The b!design star, maxi, maxi+ and tile collections offer a 5-YEAR, FULL COMMERCIAL GUARANTEE.
The b!design clic collection offers a 10-YEAR, LIMITED COMMERCIAL GUARANTEE.
The b!design clic home collection offers a 5-YEAR, LIMITED COMMERCIAL GUARANTEE.

1. Scope of Validity
As long as the flooring has been cared for in accordance with the instructions in the user manual and used within the framework of the stated usage class and installed as per the installation instructions, the guarantee will only cover the following issues:

  1. Manufacturing defects
  2. Delamination
  3. Severe, unusual colour deviations and fading, as long as the boards have not been exposed to direct sunlight.

2. The following are excluded from the guarantee:

  1. Normal wear and tear, intentional or wilful damage: Damage caused by improper installation or care, chemical decomposition caused by unsuitable cleaning agents, alkaline underflooring or damage caused by hydrostatic pressure, combustion, cracks, dents, flecks or loss of gloss caused by normal aging or external influences.
  2. Work or work costs to remove defective boards and fit replacement flooring.
  3. Subsequent damage

Usage restrictions, delayed rental time, etc. which are connected with the removal and reinstallation of the affected materials. Any compensation claim for secondary or subsequent damages is explicitly excluded.
If subsequent damages cannot be excluded due to local legal conditions, the restrictions listed in Point 2 can possibly only be applied in some cases.
This guarantee awards specific rights. No other claims or rights can be derived from it. A claim can only be made on this guarantee through immediate notification of the sales partner / trader. Notification must include a copy of the original invoice and a completed complaint report with pictures. The guarantee claim can only be authorised by the sales partner / trader.