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Processing (larger surfaces): dilute b!design basic cleaner concentrate 1:10 with water (e.g. 0.5 litres to 5 litres of water) and spread evenly over the floor with a swivel mop or cloth (do not allow any puddles to form).
Also suitable for cleaning machines.

Processing (smaller surfaces): apply b!design basic cleaner concentrate directly in a diluted form and spread with a wrung-out damp cloth. Leave to work for 5 – 20 minutes. During this time, retreat any areas which dry out. Use the swivel mop or cloth to thoroughly wipe up any loosened dirt. Wipe clean 2-3 times with clear water. Wipe dry. Treat with b!design polisher after the floor has completely dried.


Simply add to water – 2 caps is enough for approx. 5 litres of water. Wring out the cloth and wipe. Wipe dry if necessary.

Comment: We recommend b!design polisher to remove particularly heavy dirt and to occasionally freshen up and intensively clean the floor.


Shake well before use. Apply a cap (for approx. 2 m²) to a swept floor and evenly rub in with a cloth.

Comment: For extremely dirty floors (e.g. in public areas), we recommend basic cleaning with b!design basic cleaner concentrate and then subsequent treatment with b!design polisher.