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Product information

  • Format: 1210 x 190 mm (L x W)
  • Wearing surface: 0,3 mm
  • Height: 5 mm
  • Area: Any living space & public spaces with slight commercial use
  • Special feature: Wood imitation with patented clic connections
  • Low installation height of 5 mm
  • Available in many attractive decors
  • 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee for living space
  • 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee for slight commercial use
  • waterresistantWater resistant
  • recyclablerecyclable
  • reaction-fireReaction to fire
  • hcho-e1Formaldehyd
  • thermal-conductivitythermal conductivity
  • resistance-chemicalsResistance
    to chemicals
  • slip-resistanceslip-resistance
  • non-phthalateno phthalates
  • emission-classemission-class
  • Just a few steps to your dream flooring –
    We will show you how it works in our installation video!


    There may be differences in structure and colour due to the material. Colour consistency can be ensured only if the deliveries are made from the same production run (Charge).
    To achieve a consistent look of the floor it is advisable to mix the panels from different packages during installation. The number of the production run is printing on each b!design carton at the end of the carton. Example of production run number: 30.08.2009. If you have more than one production run number, we recommend that you lay planks from 4 or 5 different cartons with different production run numbers and arbitrarily mix them during installation. This will ensure a more natural appearance for the floor.